Isle of Wight Golf Alliance

Rules of the Isle of Wight Alliance

1 The Financial Year shall commence on the 1st January. 9 Professionals will represent the Club to which they are attached and Assistant Professionals can ELECT which Club will represent.
2 The annual subscription shall be determined by a General Meeting The Name of the Alliance shall be “The Isle of Wight Golf Alliance”. 10 Competitions are only open to Alliance Members and in the event of a tie a Card Play Back will come into force.
3  The following members are eligible for Membership; Professionals - Assistance Professionals - Members of recognised Clubs 10a Club Captains who are not members of the     Alliance   will be given Honorary Status during their year of office irrespective of their handicap. Passed 03/03/1989
4 and shall be paid by the 31st January each year. Failure to do so will result in the membership being cancelled and re-instatement will be dealt with under Rule (6) 11 Alteration of the Rules or additions to the Rules of The Alliance may only be made by Special Resolution at a properly constituted General or Extra-ordinary General Meeting – fourteen days notice of such proposed alterations must be given to the Honorary Secretary, in writing, prior to the Annual or Extra-ordinary General Meeting, but the Committee shall have the power to institute such bye-laws as may be deemed necessary in the interest of the Alliance.
5 Entrance Fee for all ordinary competitions over 18 holes shall be determined by a General Meeting.  

Entrance Fees will now be merged with the  Subscriptions at the rate agreed by a General     Meeting. Passed 02/03/2001

12 When a member of the Alliance moves to a new Golf Club, his membership of the Alliance shall NOT move with him to that new Club, unless the new Club has a vacancy within its Alliance membership. If there are no vacancies at his new Club then he must join the waiting list at the Club with a view to rejoining the Alliance under Rule (6). Passed 01-01-1991
6 Candidates for membership must submit an application form duly completed, being proposed and seconded by current members to the Secretary. Membership is limited to 200 playing members and a handicap of 18 except in the case where a member’s handicap has been increased over this figure by revision and their subscription has been paid within the specified time.

The Secretary will maintain a waiting list if the membership is full and be authorised to accept nomination as and when vacancies occur.
13 Retaining Membership – In order for a member of the Alliance to retain his annual membership he must play at least THREE events TWO of which must be away from his own course. Exceptions are allowed in the case of prolonged illness, absence for the Isle of Wight. Balloting out will count as a game played. Passed 05/03/1993.


  13a Minimum number of games increased to FOUR, THREE of which must be away. Passed 07/03/1997.
6a Membership will be increased to 40 persons per Club. Passed 14 A penalty, for a person/pair not turning up to play of mark playing partners card without giving due notice of 72 hours to the Honorary Secretary or for reasons why, shall be a THREE MATCH BAN. Passed 07/03/1997.
7 The Management of the Alliance shall be vested in a Committee consisting of the Captain, Vice Captain, Hon. Competition Secretary, and two nominated officers from each Club. These Officers will retire annually but shall be eligible to re-election except in the case of the Captain who will serve one year and be replaced in rotation from Clubs.A President will be nominated by the Clubs in rotation and will serve a period of two years.Previous service does not preclude re-nomination for any office. 15 The winner of a Trophy to have HIS handicap reduced by one stroke below his club handicap for ALLIANCE COMPITITIONS. And this remains in effect until that competition is played for the following year. Passed 03/03/1995.
  16 Introduction of a new membership category for persons called “VICE-PRESIDENT”. This post is for recondition of services rendered to the Alliance.
8 Competitions will be played to the Rules of Golf and members who belong to more than one Club must advise the Secretary at the commencement of each year of their Home Club.    

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